Teacher's Day

        Teacher's Day 
In commemorating Teacher's Day on November 25th 2021, the entire of SMK Perbankan National celebrated and commemorated Teacher's Day. Before the celebration of teacher's day, all teachers and students are required to upload their status on social media using the existing twibbon, related to welcoming and enlivening teacher's day. Before that, the teachers made video clips, to be shown at the time of the teacher's day celebration activities online via google meet. But there were also representatives in each class who came to school to celebrate and congratulate teachers' day directly.
All class representatives gathered in the motorbike parking lot, when the moment of the teacher's day celebration was running, the representative carrying the cone came into the room. At that time, we also saw clearly the expressions on the faces of the teachers who were moved with full of smiles, our surprise did not stop there, we continued with another surprise, namely bringing flowers for each teacher at school. After that, we watched together the videos of the teachers they made and it was followed by a surprise for their respective homeroom teachers.
Various surprises were given to the homeroom teacher, some gave a happy teacher's day card, some brought a bucket of food, then there was a cake, some brought a bucket of flowers. The teachers also looked happy and very touched because they didn't expect to be given a surprise, because considering the current state of covid 19. The next event was the cutting of the cone which was represented by the principal of the National Banking Vocational School. After cutting the cone, it was followed by a photo session with their respective teachers and homeroom teachers.
Maybe this year will not be like the previous year, we all can still celebrate teacher's day together. Even though this year we can't celebrate together as usual, all of us students are happy, we can still see the smiles on the faces of all the teachers. That smile is what makes us students feel successful and satisfied in celebrating teacher's day this year, all of us students apologize for the mistakes we often make and don't forget to say thank you for the sacrifices and struggles of the teachers, as well as the patience in teaching us all