The Vaccine

In Indonesia, vaccines are being intensively carried out to maintain our immunity, vaccines are started from the front line, namely people who work directly with humans or the general public, such as nurses, doctors, teachers, the elderly, students, etc. Vaccination for teachers is also implemented in schools and SMK NATIONAL BANKING is one of the schools appointed to hold vaccines for our school, namely SMK NATIONAL BANKING

 The first was held in August organized by the police and was named the MERDEKA vaccine. The vaccines given are

Astrazeneka and Sinovak. then the second vaccine was carried out in November it was re-implemented at our school at the NATIONAL BANKING VOCATIONAL

SCHOOL, namely the vaccine organized by the Kodim 0505, the vaccine was followed for the general public. The vaccines given are Astrazeneka and Sinovak vaccines, people really need vaccines for their immunity so they can at least maintain their immunity so that we can all be free from viruses. and Alhamdulillah, the entire NATIONAL BANKING VOCATIONAL SCHOOL community has complete vaccines.